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Racial Harmony and Diversity – An Integral Part Public Relations

Hu Jintao once commented that “Diversity in the world is a basic characteristic of human society, and also the key condition for a lively and dynamic world as we see today”.[1] This is especially true for Singapore as people come from diverse cultural, religious and racial backgrounds.

Diversity An Integral Part Public Relations Brand-Inc-Singapore

The idea of diversity involves understanding and showing mutual respect. Unearthing unique traits in an inclusive, encouraging, and nurturing environment can help people to understand each other better. This helps us move beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating diversity. According to the 2015 Annual Global CEO Survey by PwC, respondents unanimously agreed that diversity is a critical aspect for businesses in South-east Asia, as an avenue to increase overall competence and competitiveness. [2]

Elaine Seah, Group Director of Brand Incorporated (Brand Inc.) feels that “Diversity is part of life, and part of our work – public relations. Differences can drive ideas, compassion and understanding. Hence, diversity is an integral part of the business.”

She adds: “Anyone who have been to or lived in Singapore would know that our city-state is far from being culturally isolated, and our very success was built on the adhesive that binds our plurality of differences – economic and hence national prosperity. Promulgation of cultural diversity is not new and as the world continues to embrace differences and stamp out discrimination, the least we can do to celebrate diversity is to respect and engage at work. Respect the festivity and understand that it may be important to your colleague. Lastly, engage by making an effort to understand and be part of it.”

An open work culture bred through inclusiveness is fundamental to ensuring employees feel appreciated. Randstad's Q3 2015 Workmonitor study found that approximately 89 per cent of employees in Singapore valued diversity in the workplace.[3]

A poll by Forbes Insights revealed that more than three quarters of respondents viewed diversity as essential to boosting the quality of work produced[4]. With inclusiveness being highly regarded by companies worldwide, it begets the question of the ideal ways to celebrate diversity.

At Brand Incorporated, a leading boutique consumer lifestyle public relations (PR) agency in Singapore and Malaysia, the close knit team shares their views on workplace diversity and why it is important.


Michelle Tan, Senior Account Executive, Brand Incorporated

It is important because it creates a bond between different communities within a workplace and makes everyone feel that they are respected and welcomed regardless of their cultural background.

Olivia Lee, Account Executive, Brand Incorporated

Cultural tolerance and acceptance is of utmost importance to encourage people of diverse backgrounds to come together to live amicably under a roof. I believe that cultural diversity is key to unlocking a stronger, united people and team.

Zenn Yap, Administration

We can celebrate cultural diversity by being open-minded. This allows us to better understand our colleagues and build rapport as a team. It gives one feel a sense of belonging and a good relationship with your coworkers makes one motivated for work every day.

Yashmi Narendran, Public Relations Intern

Everyone wants to feel like they belong. Knowing that your co-workers take the time to get to know you and making the effort to accommodate eating preferences is a nice gesture. Creating this sense of inclusiveness helps build team morale. With a good rapport, the team is able to ultimately produce better work.

Davini Laksmi, Public Relations Intern

Music is a great way to celebrate diversity. Through music, we can enjoy the lyrical poetry of traditional instruments and different languages. The melodies of different cultures are very pervasive in encouraging us to ease into cultural recognition. Language barriers can be forgone by attuning ourselves to cultural tunes.


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