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Establishing And Maintaining Brand Reputation: The Lasting Value of Public Relations Work

Establishing and maintaining a good reputation is one of the many functions that public relations (PR) agencies fulfill in order to spotlight a brand in the overwhelming market noise. In a fickle world of fast trends, it is a herculean task for PR agencies to command attention and prestige.

Here’s how PR agencies capture the hearts of consumers and create lasting value of its work in brand support and loyalty:

Brand Inc Pr Brand Repuation Singapore

1. Brand-centered messages

In a world where consumer is king, formulating the right message is only the first step towards effective publicity. A catchy slogan or line is the start; but any PR agency worth its salt knows that the end goal is to highlight and built a story revolving around the brand. In highlighting a brand to an audience that has a short attention span, it becomes even more crucial that the right message – and hence the right brand image – is conveyed to the public by PR agencies.

2. Influential connections and platforms

PR agencies also rely on connections – whether the media, celebrities, or experts to help them establish a brand in the market. Not only are influential people easier to remember, the appeal of their personalities and profession may also lend itself to the brand. Social media use is also more prevalent than ever as PR agencies now turn to digital PR efforts on social media platforms to jostle for the fastest and easiest way to get into the crowd, and this includes the likes of food and beverage (F&B) PR, fashion PR and even medical healthcare PR.

3. Crisis management

PR agencies are also the firefighters to a crisis, and their job is as demanding and strenuous as their counterparts putting out the real fires. Doing repair damage or what is normally termed as ‘bad publicity’ is part and parcel of PR work. More than just promoting and advertising, the job of PR agencies is not done after the successful launch of a product. The true value of public relations lies in maintaining a favourable connection of a brand to its consumers long after the initial glitz has passed.

PR agencies have served to grow and nurture products in the market where competitors consistently strive to carve out their own place. By keeping the brand in the spotlight with a favourable reputation through PR efforts, the products of a brand remain relevant to its consumers, and this is the lasting value of public relations work.


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